My Top Five Chile Documentaries

My last blog post about being from ‘nowhere in particular’ prompted a great response and threw up more questions. The most poignant one; pondering about whether I would have preferred to have been wholly British or remained in Chile.

A large proportion of my internal self- quizzing constantly rakes over what would’ve been of me had we remained in Chile. Much of the time I feel robbed of my true history, knocked off my natural course of destiny. Of course, I would not have liked to have grown up under the dictatorship, but it would have been my ‘true’ destiny in this odd matrix I have grown up in.

Perhaps, because I am keen to visualise the Chile I was plucked from, this week has been about visiting that period of hidden history via documentaries. Some were gruelling, others entertaining but all were valuable historical sources.

Here is a round up of my top five Chile documentaries on YouTube

1) Chile Hasta Cuando:

2) Imagenes De Una Dictadura

3) la Flaca Alejandra

4) Septiembre Chileno

5) El Caso Pinochet

Patricio Guzmán also made an epic documentary about the lead up to the coup, La Batalla de Chile which is a great insight into the turmoil however it’s extremely long and difficult to follow. On the fortieth anniversary of the coup, the dictatorship and its devasating effects became mainstream and TV channels broadcast previously unseen images and interviews. Harrowing testimonies were featured in truly groundbreaking documentaries. One of the most remarkable was the interview with Jorgelino Vargas or ‘El Mocito’ who was the personal aide of Manuel Contreras, Pinochet’s right hand man. He was also on duty at the extermination camp ‘Tejas Verdes’. Tough but crucial viewing.



  1. Hice mis comentarios Carole, no sé si se fueron. Me interesa contiuar recibiendobtus escritos…, has hecho una tremenda contribución…

    No tengo blog ni página web propia…

    Estás en un momento de terminar con los “if”, es tiempo de  integrar historias y alejarte afectivamenre de lo que sigas escribiendo…, es el momento…

    Un abrazo y, gracias por compartir “SANTIAGO PROJECT” conmigo y con much@s. Un abrazo con un tremendo beso, Blanca

    Enviado desde Samsung tablet


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