Reconstructing the story: Top 3 New Generation Chilean Productions

The last few years have been particularly busy in terms of creative output by a new generation of Chilean documentary/film makers & writers. Second gen Chileans are now in their 30’s & 40’s and using novel ways of making sense of their experiences and identities. Writer Carmen Aguirre caused a stir in Canada with her  book ‘Something Fierce’, that artfully weaves together the story of her life as a refugee & revolutionary’s daughter . The book has taken the literary world by storm and thrust Aguirre into the limelight, winning CBC’s Canada Reads award.

Next, Sergio Bustos and his production team successfully launched an online campaign to crowdfund his exciting  documentary ‘ Nae Pasaran‘, a short film about a small Scottish town in 1974, where the factory workers refuse to carry out repairs on warplane engines in an act of solidarity against the violent military coup in Chile. Four years pass then the engines mysteriously disappear in the middle of the night…

Last but not least Punk Robot’s endearing animation ‘Bear Story’ where Gabriel Osorio narrates the story of his Grandfather’s exile in England after the coup. The film has won accolades and has been nominated for the 2016 Oscars!

This explosion of multi-platform story telling has come at time when Chileans must make the choice of either continuing with the silent & violent legacies of the regime or finally begin to accept the full horror that has taken place right under their noses, quite possibly with their consent. What these diverse forms of storytelling do, is to provide a narrative that skilfully piece together the experiences of our generation.

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