Music To Be An Outsider To: The rise and rise of Kamixlo & Uli K

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Kamixlo & Uli K. You may not have heard of them but they are taking the London club scene by storm and the hipsters can’t get enough. Featured in Vice, The Fader, I-D and photographed by David Sims for Arena Homme, the brothers dubbed ‘the outsiders’ are captivating audiences and scenester magazine editors with their genre fluid sounds & über original take on fashion.

The Anglo-Chilean brothers based in Brixton and born into the refugee community, mash up their cultural and social influences to create a blend of music accurately described as ‘music to wrestle your demons with’.

Keen to hear what the Shoreditch set were getting so worked up about, I set upon my audio research starting with Kamixlo’s recent mix for Radio 1 and got 27 minutes of eclectica as he seamlessly blended electro with reggeton and even Britney. Dark, edgy and sometimes gothic, the mix throbbed with brooding menace throughout.

Irreverent, experimental and fearless, Kamixlo’s original recipe consists of a mix of homegrown sounds like grime peppered with surprising Latino accents that sometimes veers off in different directions,  yet remains clearly within the dance music genre. It’s a sort of musical disobedience that commands respect and displays complete disregard for rules and cliches which is exactly why, in a world of formulaic tried and tested music & fashion, people are taking notice. I’m guessing that their unorthodox upbringing (they were homeschooled) and their experience of growing up in a refugee community, most likely bouncing back and forth between cultures and continents has contributed to the cosmopolitan vibe they exude. I also imagine that the historic family drama of escaping Pinochet’s Chile has contributed to the constant underlying darkness in his musical offerings.

As the electronic cacophony tore though my speakers,  I felt privy to the early works of a musical pioneer, maybe even London’s new David Bowie…and wished I had this on my Walkman when I was a misunderstood green haired youth frustratedly kicking stones around the streets of Santiago. This is the perfect soundtrack to be misunderstood to.

Listen to Kamixlo on Radio 1  ❤

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